Dr Loretta Das, M.D. (Medicine) - Physician, TLM Naini
Mr G. Babu, M.P.T. (Ortho) - Physiotherapist, TLM Naini
Mr G. Manivannan, M.O.T. (Ortho) - Occupational Therapist, TLM Naini
Mr Samson Vedamanickam, B.P.T. - Occupational Therapist, TLM Naini
Dr Premal Das, M.S.(Surgery) - Surgeon, TLM Naini
Dr P.C. Kanowjia, ILEP State Co-ordinator, (Uttar Pradesh)
Dr Shyamala Anand, M.S. (Ophthalmology)TLM India
Dr Jerry Joshua, M.C.H. (Plastic)- Surgeon, TLM India
Mrs Vandana Reddy, TLM Naini
Mr James George, MSW - TLM India, CBR


Dr Rashmi Shukla, MPH, - WHO

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The Leprosy Mission Hospital
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Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
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Fax: +91 532 2697494
E-mail: naini@leprosymission.in
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