Patient Manju Manju is a 21 year old lady, mother of two children aged 5 and 2 years. She comes from a nearby district Mirzapur (approx.50 KM from Naini). Manju speaks about her pathetic life – “I come from a very poor family, where the only means of earning is daily labour work in the fields. Life was hard. I got married 6 years ago at the age of 15. I thought that things would be better after getting married, that I would see some happiness in life. Since child hood I have seen and experienced only pain and rejection from the community only because of poverty. Things did not change and extreme poverty forced us (my husband and myself) to go to other states to work and earn enough to send back home.

Two years ago I developed a few white anesthetic patches on my body. I did not know what they were due to. Initially I took treatment from the village quack who told me that it is punishment for my sins. I then noticed weakness in my right hand and my finger was bending. I started losing strength of my hand and was not able to grip vessels properly. I also kept burning my fingers whilst cooking. My father took me to a government hospital for treatment and I had leprosy treatment for six months. However, even after treatment I was very afraid and confused. My claw hand did not improve. The government doctor then told me to visit TLM Naini for surgery of the hand.” Manju visited TLM Naini on 18/07/08 for surgical correction of claw hand, and had successful reconstructive surgery. She was with us for around three months was familiar with the hospital services. When she got pregnant she came to TLM Naini for routine antenatal check up. Here, because of her poor socioeconomic status, she was treated free.

Patient Manju Unfortunately, on 4/8/09 she came to hospital for with Intrauterine death and induction of labour and delivery of the dead fetus. She did try getting treatment outside but could not afford it, so she came here. She is very grateful to the hospital for treatment received. She was advised by the gynecologist to have a tubectomy operation and she was willing. After a month she had the tubectomy here and regularly visits the hospital for follow-up. Manju says “I do not have words to express how much this hospital has done for me and the happiness and security I have just knowing that I can come here for any medical problem “

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