TLM Naini brings joy in Life...

Counselor with Patient Last year I was at TLM Naini for more than five months. At present I have been here for around 1 month. This time I had an operation for a complicated ulcer, I had septic surgery. I’ve been having this problem [leprosy] for more than 10 years. I’m getting ulcers over and over again. I’m doing all the household activities and looking after my child while I’m at home. I did not understand how I got these ulcers. What can I do now; god has given me this disease. However, TLM Naini staff explained to me how I got ulcers and how to protect my hands and feet in the future.

I get regular counseling at Naini. I am very sad and often cry because I miss my small son very much. For the moment I feel happy that at least someone is listening to me and sharing my pain, but it’s difficult to keep going. My mother-in-law is looking after the baby while I am away. Due to the stigma against leprosy we don’t go to other villages like other people do and I don’t interact much with other people in the village. Inside my family it’s all ok. Both my hands and feet are anesthetic. In spite of doing self-care I’m still getting burns sometimes.

Patient My first marriage was 4-5 years back. Because I had leprosy my first husband’s family took me and dropped me at my mother’s home. But after that my brother and sister-in-law helped me find another husband. My husband now has no problem with the fact I have leprosy, because he is a Pandit (priest). He is looking after the temple – he is educated and understands it is not passed by touch. So he eats the meals I cook.

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