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Patient Aftab Alam 14 year old Aftab Alam , the eldest of four siblings , comes from a very poor family from district Jaunpur , Uttar Pradesh. His father is a daily wage worker who earns a meager wage of Rs. 70 – 80 per day making carpets, which is nowhere near enough for the family to meet their basic needs. Aftab developed paralysis (claw hand deformity) in the right hand and was diagnosed to have leprosy 2 years ago. He took treatment (MDT) from the local government hospital for 1 year. However, since he had the claw, he was depressed and lost confidence in himself. His parents were very worried because Aftab stopped going to school and also because they feared rejection from the community since Aftab had a visible deformity. Aftab was not able to hold a pen / write, play cricket (his favorite game) with his friends, throw a ball as well as he could earlier etc. He very sadly said that he wanted to enjoy himself like other children, but could not.

Aftab was studying in class 8 in a government school, but had dropped out a year ago. However, he now looks forward to going back to school after surgical correction of his deformity. He looks forward to a bright future after the surgery. He visited TLM Naini on 28/10/09 for reconstructive surgery. He has had the surgery (PL LASSO WITH FASCIA LATA) and post –op surgical physiotherapy. He should be able to rejoin school by the next academic session.

Patient Aftab Alam After completion of post op physiotherapy we see a very different Aftab, self confident, happy and eager to get back into the mainstream of society. He now says “I can play my favorite game cricket and do everything that my other friends are doing. I can write without any difficulty and will enroll myself in school. I am so happy to see my deformed hand now changed into a normal hand – my parents are very grateful to TLM Naini and relieved that they will no longer need to fear rejection by the community.”

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