Group Photograph of Snehalaya Patients There are 12 patients with leprosy who live on the campus, many with crippling deformities of hand and foot and one who is blind. They were admitted to the snehalaya decades ago when they were rejected/thrown out by their family and the community due to leprosy and disfigurement. Their average age is 60. There are 8 male and 4 Female inmates and the average duration that they have been here is 40 years.

As they grew older routine tasks and activities of daily living became even more challenging. Common Toilets were situated far away from their quarters, and connected by mud roads. It was difficult especially for those in wheel chairs and those using crutches, and even more so in the monsoon when the mud was slushy and slippery. Hence they became partially dependent on others to help them.

To maximize their independence and make life easier for them, changes were made to make their living arrangements disable friendly. These included:

  • Attached toilet and bathing rooms with the appropriate adaptations side railings, ramps, commodes etc.
  • Cement Roads
  • Well illuminated quarters and surroundings

Health Care

  • A geriatric nurse has been appointed to take care of their medical needs, provide physical help when needed and oversee their comfort and entertainment
  • Doctors provide medical care and do routine check ups
  • Physiotherapy on a regular basis for all their disabilities including those due to old age
  • Occupational therapy for their Activities of Daily Living / Self care
  • Counsellor visits them regularly for psychological support

Work related activities

  • Most of them are kept occupied doing work suited to their age and disability and thus also helping the hospital. They do jobs like gardening, making dressing sets, packing medicines etc

Snehalaya Patients Over the years the stigma has reduced, and some of their family members visit them regularly – though not willing to take them home. This really helps make them feel loved. Some patients also visit their homes once in a while especially to attend functions like marriages and festivals.

Contact Information

The Leprosy Mission Hospital
PO - Naini, Allahabad - 211 008
Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
Phone: +91 532 2697267
Fax: +91 532 2697494
Donations given at The Leprosy Mission Trust India are exempted u/s 80G of IT Act 1961
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