Leprosy is a disease which is curable with the help of Multi Drug Therapy but the sensation once lost cannot be restored and hence ulcers will recur lifelong. Activities of daily living and their regular work can result in injury and ulcers, however these must be done. During admission they are repeatedly taught about how to take special care of their hands and feet, given booklets, protective appliances etc. so that they can protect themselves from getting ulcers and still continue their occupation.



Doctor busy with Ulcer Surgery For the inpatients doctors are available around the clock. Rounds are done twice a day for the sick patients and once a week for others. On Wednesdays there is an ulcer round with the team of one Doctor, Nurse, physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Shoe technician and ward aide. During this round all the patient’s needs are assessed with special emphasis on footwear and prevention of recurrence.

Physio Unit


Medical Staff teaching Self Care tips to patients Inpatients get regular physiotherapy and education. The physio department conducts self care group discussions with various groups of patients - such as women’s group, youth group, old people’s group etc. They also supervise daily SSO in the wards. Laser and Infra Red therapy is given to speed up healing of ulcers. This costs approximately Rs 1000 to 1500.

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