Reconstructive Surgery

Surgeon doing Hand Reconstructive Surgery The commonest deformities in leprosy that can be corrected by surgery are Claw Hand, Ape thumb, Lagopthalmos, Foot drop, Claw toes, etc. Reconstructive surgery facilities are available in most of the TLM centers. TLM has residence surgeon in major centers who does surgery on a regular (weekly) basis. Surgical camps are organised to meet the needs of other centers and government and are carried out by visiting surgeons specialised in Re-constructive surgeries.

Process of Surgery

Patients eligible for surgery are selected and motivated. All patients are explained the procedure to drive out fear and build confidence. The muscle that is to be transferred is isolated and strengthened for about a week or more based on the condition of the muscle. Regular assessment is made by the operating surgeon during rounds, and once fit they are posted for surgery. The physiotherapy management involves Re-education by Exercises, Splinting etc. The first step in re-education is to teach the patient, how to use his old muscle for a new job. And train them to apply it unconsciously. In the second step, the Occupational therapist train patients to use their limbs effectively and safely in their day-to-day life.

Rehabilitation Plan

A Rehabilitation plan is made for each individual patient who underwent corrective surgery, and they are followed-up. The plan will take into consideration, his occupation before admittance for surgery and what he intends to do after surgery, whether to same occupation or not. Based on his academic, technical qualification, previous experience, interests, disabilities and needs of the community they are referred for programmes like CTY, CBR, VTC, etc.

Outcome of Surgery:

Physical Outcome

Improved Function

Cosmetic appearance restored


Psychological Outcome

Increased Self-Confidence in Patients

Builds Self-esteem in patients


Social Outcome

Increased Work output

Eligibility for Education


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