Every year approx. 20,000 leprosy patients (both new and revisit) visit us. In the year 2017, 3,200 were newly detected and 17,600 were old review patients. Most patients come for receiving their antibiotics (MDT or Multi Drug Therapy which is a combination of 3 drugs- Rifampicin, Dapsone and Clofazimine). Other complaints for which the leprosy affected come to us include ulcers, deformities and lepra reactions (a sort of allergic reaction to the leprosy bacteria. If detected New Leprosy patient, then has to go through all tests in Charting Dept, Phyisotherapy Dept, Laboratory, Couseling Dept.

Modern medicine tells us that leprosy is spread when an untreated infected person coughs or sneezes (but not by sexual contact or pregnancy). However, leprosy is not very contagious; approximately 95% of people have natural immunity to the disease. People with leprosy who are treated with medication do not need to be isolated from society.

Leprosy Bacteria Patient

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