About Naini

Journey of TLM Naini

In the late 19th century, the Beggars Home was shifted from Allahabad city to the Naini campus; this was in accordance with the earlier belief that the leprosy affected need to be segregated. In 1906, a modest brick building was built under the supervision of the first Superintendent, Mr Sam Higginbothams, an American Presbyterian missionary to house the destitute patients. This structure, “The Leprosy Asylum� was handed over to “The Mission to Lepers�, the fore-runner to The Leprosy Mission Trust. The Asylum flourished and provided the leprosy affected with healing and compassion and by 1920, about 500 patients lived here. With every passing year, new milestones were reached and The Leprosy Mission Community Hospital continues to touch the lives of the leprosy affected.
Here is an account of TLM Naini’s milestones � Link to Milestones

What we are doing now ?

Work at Naini

According to the WHO statistics, India has more than half of the world’s leprosy affected. And Northern India (Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Chattisgarh) continues to see new leprosy patients. TLM Naini is the only NGO referral hospital catering to the specialized needs of the leprosy affected by proving not just the cure (MDT) for leprosy, but treating for the complications and sequelae of the disease upon the patient and his family. This package includes-

  • Treatment of Lepra reversal reactions
  • Prevention of Deformity (POD) activities
  • Reconstructive surgery for deformities
  • Footcare and appropriate footwear
  • Ulcer care and its prevention
  • Social development
  • Capacity building and vocational training.

A feature worth mentioning is our care for the leprosy affected with chronic ulcers. Other hospitals are happy to provide MDT, perform surgeries for deformity or treat lepra reactions, but close their door when a patient with an ulcer confronts them. Ulcers are a pungent, visible sign of disease and many patients who are turned away from Government hospitals or private clinics come to us for treatment.

Contact Information

The Leprosy Mission Hospital
PO - Naini, Allahabad - 211 008
Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
Phone: +91 532 2697267
Fax: +91 532 2697494
E-mail: naini@leprosymission.in
Donations given at The Leprosy Mission Trust India are exempted u/s 80G of IT Act 1961
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